Nursery Schools In Dubai Ensure To Inculcate Emotional Intelligence In Your Child

Do the term “emotional intelligence” really plays a vital role in the development of emotional intelligence in children? In literal terms, emotional intelligence means a person’s ability to evaluate, identify, control, and express emotions. It helps us communicate with others, negotiate situations and develop clear thought patterns.

Best Nursery Schools in Dubai

Along with IQ, teachers of best nursery schools in Dubai foster EQ within the children while they are young. They prepare them to communicate well, develop strong relationships, be more empathetic and compassionate to their friends and have great self-awareness. Following are the ways that nursery schools adopt to inculcate emotional intelligence in each of their wards:

HELP CHILD RECOGNIZE THEIR SELF EMOTIONS – Once you help the children “name” their own emotions, they can start taking the ownership of their emotions. You will not only get to know what exactly they are feeling and in what context it is affecting others. When they are feeling upset or discouraged, ask them to describe what they are feeling or get them to write it down. It is advised always do all such activities with good emotions. The teachers in nursery schools in Dubai involve children in many activities to know the emotions & what made them feel like that.

DISCUSS YOUR OWN EMOTIONS WITH CHILD – The best way to foster emotional intelligence is by showing it. While teaching, the teachers make sure to show in their emotions how they are feeling and allow the children to reciprocate the same. It is important to talk about the positive emotions too. The teachers never blame their respective class pupils for making them angry or sad – this is because of themselves they’re angry. Once the kids know their own trigger points it becomes much easier on part of teachers as well as parents to control their emotions.

RECOGNIZE MOOD AND FEELINGS OF PUPILS – The moods and feelings of children undergo changes in within the blink of an eye. If they are in a good mood everything might feel fun and jubilant. But, if they’re quiet then either something is wrong or they are calm or relaxed. Hence, the teachers always give students the time to recognize the different moods and observe their own impact what happens in the class. At some stage, especially during picnics or in the play area the mood feels so high it might explode and this is the time when teachers take the best care.

RECOGNIZE WHEN TAKEN FOR PICNIC OR OUTINGS – When schools take pupil to a crowded place and at some open area their feelings are altogether different. Teachers always make sure to talk to their children about their different moods. The moods of the kids are always different on a sunny hot day than on the day of heavy downpour or during the winters. Schools always make the plan to take the children out for picnics where the students can enjoy to their heart’s content and get to interact with each other and come close to their teachers.

If children are aware about their emotions and mood, then it helps them to deal with many tough situations in their lives ahead. The teachers of best nursery schools in Dubai build emotional intelligence at a tender age so that the children have the ability to develop strong, connected relationships now and later in life.

The parents and teachers should inculcate the above mentioned qualities in their children so that in their future they do not hesitate to communicate, develop strong relationships and be more empathetic and compassionate to each other.

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