The Importance of Creating a Balanced Curriculum for Children

With each passing day the habit with which children learn is undergoing several changes. Gone are the days when children used to just read out loud in front of their teachers and parents and they were all set for the exam or got Grade “A” from their teachers for good recitation skills. Today kids have to develop a well rounded personality to make all their dreams a reality.

The Importance of Creating a Balanced Curriculum for Children

This is the reason why most of the best nursery schools in Dubai have made an interesting curriculum so that kids can study and enjoy at the same time. This type of curriculum not only helps in the overall development of the kids but also it influences all the aspects of children and their lives thus helping them to have a bright future.

Below mentioned points highlights the importance of creating a balanced curriculum for children:

INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT – For the intellectual development of the child, and to stimulate the functioning of the brain, the memory boosting games such as jigsaw puzzles, number games and a lot more are practiced on regular basis in the schools of Dubai, thus intellectually developing the child enrolled in their school.

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT – Activities such as painting, decorating, music, drama and more influence the creativity of kids. One has to think creatively for playing with clay, coloring and drawing things. Children tend to take inspiration from their teachers and participate in such activities, which help in their creative development.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE – This subject prepare the children to face the outer world with enthusiasm, spirit and gaiety. This aspect lets them know the world around them and be updated about other famous people who made world records and the society in general. Children need to come out of their cocoon that includes their own family and reach out to other people living in the society as well.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – So as to make your child active and fit, physical development plays the most important role. Thereby schools abide by the routine that includes exercises, outdoor games and much more to not only make your kids physically active but mentally strong as well. Moreover, there exists hardly any game out there which does not require mental stimulation.

PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS – Since the beginning the children should be taught how to overcome and find solutions to problems. Problems are a part and parcel of human life and hence children need to develop the skill of solving problems rather than cribbing about things happening in their life or always seeking help from their family, friends or relatives.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS – The most important thing that should form part of kid’s curriculum is Communication Skills. Parents and teachers should always encourage kids to participate in dramas, sing their bed time rhymes and participate in extra curricular activities. You need to talk to them at every given opportunity so that they grow up to become excellent communicators.

All in all, the aforesaid areas form the part of the curriculum planned for children by the best nursery schools in Dubai so that children are provided with the best possible start in their educational journey.

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