How Nursery Schools Boost Up Confidence in Your Child

Self-esteem and self-confidence are two traits that one needs for the lifetime and both play vital roles in human life. If they are acquired at a young age, you’re likely gifting the child a lifetime of social happiness. Top nursery schools in Dubai lay this foundation in their students during early childhood days for the successful future as an adult. Here’s how some of the best nursery schools boost up the confidence level of each child:

Nursery Schools In Dubai

Self-Image – Parents, teachers and nursery school are the main sources of a child’s sense of self worth. What they look in the mirror and see, is something they should be happy and comfortable with. Identify and redirect any inaccurate beliefs they may have about themselves. A healthy self worth is essential as it helps children to have a realistic understanding of their strength and weaknesses and feel confident.

Make Them Learn – Be a good coach to them rather than keeping a control over them. The teachers at Rainbow Valley Nursery always make sure to stay on the sidelines. The teachers instead of doing something for the students, do all the activities along with them. The same thing applies to the parents as well. Although it seems difficult, sometimes you feel the urge to control but let the child do the things as it builds up their confidence.

Let The Inner Perfectionist Go Away – Resist the urge to improve or make him/her perfect in whatever he or she is doing or working upon. Constant intervention makes a child feel less confident and less able to complete tasks without micro-management. That is why teachers allow them to do whatever they feel like but it should help in building confidence.

Praise Is Must – The teachers allow the pupils to try things for themselves and make sure to give them a good boost through praise and encouragement. Of course, they are always around them to ensure their safety at all times but wherever possible, let them get hands on with the activity or task. Encouragement makes all kids feel motivated and positive. Keep them going forward by saying “We’re proud of you.”

Teacher Never Gives Any Labels to Kids – Teacher never labels their class students as “shy” or “underconfident” when referring to them to others or to their parents. This is because the labels stick and make the students think about it again and again. This is not so, even the other pupil start gossiping or start calling their fellow mate with the same label.
Parents and teachers of top nursery schools in Dubai share an important responsibility to help nurture a child’s identity and feelings of accomplishment and value. The early childhood is the days when children form the impression of their capabilities and self-worth on the basis of their successes and feedbacks they receive.

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