Fun Filled Physical Activities That Form Part Of The Early Years School

Tiny little tots and toddlers learn in an integrated way instead of neat and tidy compartments. Children are physically, mentally, morally and spiritually healthy creatures of God. Children always want that they are appreciated for the hard work they put in and are best rewarded for their efforts. The leading British nursery schools make sure that they provide each of their pupils with favorable conditions to utilize their skills and imagination to develop and be a good human being one day. Quality education is all about child, context, and knowledge.

Leading British nurseryCHILDREN CAN STAGE DRAMAS – The dramatic play gives the opportunity to children to speak out the language freely, express themselves with expressions and actions. They get to know each other well. Along with the development of motor skills, the pupil also ends up developing the caring attitude, co-operation, consideration, and control. Using their creativity skills they also develop the prop if needed during the play thus exploring the fantasy world of their creation. The plays are vital at each stage of development. As an adult, such activity enhances their imagination thus leading to increasingly complex games including more characters and episodes.

EXPLORE THE CREATION WORLD VIA SAND PLAY – Small children seem to be attracted more towards the sand, and water. These 3 elements offer rich learning opportunities for children. The sand activities let the children get personal with each other thereby developing emotional and social skills. As they learn to work independently, learn to share their tools and equipment with others, and enhance imagination skills. They also end up developing fine motor skills as they manipulate tools. Creative and Aesthetic development can also be witnessed for they get to explore the shapes and textures.

DOUGH AND CLAY PLAY IS ALL TIME FAVORITE – Children love to play with dough for it is one of the most relaxing and full of creative activity. While playing with clay children tend to develop sensory experiences, gross motor skills, and manipulative skills. Along with these, the imagination of the tots also increases along with emotional and prediction development. When children play with dough, they develop rolling skills, observational skills, and language skills. They also end up developing the concept of balancing and equal weights.

CONSTRUCTION PLAY DEVELOP MENTAL SKILLS – While in school, when along with other children the kid’s block, join, break apart, split, plan and design the equipment of the construction kits they develop both their mental as well as physical skills. They end up learning about shapes, forms, colors, and patterns of a variety of construction material. Moreover, they can develop the shapes according to their imagination and thereafter play on the same. They also get to know and are able to identify shapes, compare sizes and describe the shapes when asked.

The above-mentioned range of activities along with many others is practiced daily in leading British Nursery of Dubai. These activities enhance physical development, imagination development, and development of manipulative skills. The children aged three to five years old also learn to share their equipment while working in huge groups, along with many other skills that will prepare them for adult life.

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