How Nursery Schools Boost Up Confidence in Your Child

May 9th, 2018 by

Self-esteem and self-confidence are two traits that one needs for the lifetime and both play vital roles in human life. If they are acquired at a young age, you’re likely gifting the child a lifetime of social happiness. Top nursery schools in Dubai lay this foundation in their students during early childhood days for the successful future as an adult. Here’s how some of the best nursery schools boost up the confidence level of each child:

Nursery Schools In Dubai

Self-Image – Parents, teachers and nursery school are the main sources of a child’s sense of self worth. What they look in the mirror and see, is something they should be happy and comfortable with. Identify and redirect any inaccurate beliefs they may have about themselves. A healthy self worth is essential as it helps children to have a realistic understanding of their strength and weaknesses and feel confident.

Make Them Learn – Be a good coach to them rather than keeping a control over them. The teachers at Rainbow Valley Nursery always make sure to stay on the sidelines. The teachers instead of doing something for the students, do all the activities along with them. The same thing applies to the parents as well. Although it seems difficult, sometimes you feel the urge to control but let the child do the things as it builds up their confidence.

Let The Inner Perfectionist Go Away – Resist the urge to improve or make him/her perfect in whatever he or she is doing or working upon. Constant intervention makes a child feel less confident and less able to complete tasks without micro-management. That is why teachers allow them to do whatever they feel like but it should help in building confidence.

Praise Is Must – The teachers allow the pupils to try things for themselves and make sure to give them a good boost through praise and encouragement. Of course, they are always around them to ensure their safety at all times but wherever possible, let them get hands on with the activity or task. Encouragement makes all kids feel motivated and positive. Keep them going forward by saying “We’re proud of you.”

Teacher Never Gives Any Labels to Kids – Teacher never labels their class students as “shy” or “underconfident” when referring to them to others or to their parents. This is because the labels stick and make the students think about it again and again. This is not so, even the other pupil start gossiping or start calling their fellow mate with the same label.
Parents and teachers of top nursery schools in Dubai share an important responsibility to help nurture a child’s identity and feelings of accomplishment and value. The early childhood is the days when children form the impression of their capabilities and self-worth on the basis of their successes and feedbacks they receive.

How To Choose The Ideal Nursery School For Your Child

April 24th, 2018 by

Its again the same time in schools… when registration process will start and parents will start looking for the best nursery school in Dubai for their children. As a parent, you need to invest a lot of time and energy in making the right decision. You would ask around, go on interviews, and seek advice from family and friends about the best nursery in your area.

Best Nursery Schools in Dubai

With so many schools in Dubai to choose from, it can be a monumental task trying to decide which school to enroll your child in. Keep the below enlisted factors in mind while selecting the ideal nursery for your child:

Ranking and Accreditations – The Knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai licenses and oversees both private and public education in Dubai. They also provide a comprehensive review of the performance of each school in Dubai every year. The inspection reports place schools into four categories (unsatisfactory, acceptable, good, and outstanding) based on a number of key indicators. This report should form the base for researching the best and the potential school for your kid.

Curriculum – The type of curriculum, style of teaching, and language of your home country play vital roles in deciding which school will be much suitable for your child. The Rainbow Valley Nursery in Dubai follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework. In this curriculum, your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development. In EYFS Framework, the kids learn by playing and exploring.

Timing – The best nursery schools in Dubai follows 3-termed academic year: 1st Term: Summer (Sept-Dec), 2nd Term: Winter (Jan to Mar), 3rd Term: Spring (Apr to Jun). They also organize Winter, Spring and Summer Camps. The parents are free to choose from 2 days, 3 days, 4 days or 5 days. If you’re working, your child can stay for extra hours, however, this needs to be informed to the school well in advance. Rainbow Valley Nursery, one of the leading nursery schools in Dubai, has opened registration for children aged 3 months-4.5 years. At the end of each school day, the parents are notified about the details of the day’s activities.

Facilities and Campus – Rainbow Valley Nursery has the proper provision of indoor learning areas, outdoor learning areas and safety and security to make your child comfortable for it is here they will be spending many hours of the day. All our classrooms are colorful and creative, with stimulating equipment and materials. We also have access to a fenced area with swings, climbing frames and bouncy structures. Child safety and security is very important to us. Therefore, the premises are equipped with CCTV cameras and safety doors so that you can be sure that your child is safe and attended to at all times.

Everything at Rainbow Valley Nursery is designed to provide the best possible care for your child, in a safe and loving environment, which has made our school to become the best nursery school in Dubai. Our main aim is to provide the highest quality of childcare.

Activities Nursery Schools Adopt To Foster Creativity in Your Kids

March 20th, 2018 by

Many people assume that creativity is an inborn talent. Just as all children are not equally intelligent, all children are not equally creative. But creativity is a skill that teachers in the school can help their kids to develop. For being creative, a child doesn’t necessarily have to be an artist or a painter or a writer.

The teachers of the best nursery schools in Dubai organize activities and let them spend time on activities where they can use their imagination. Life is bound by what we can envision. Every child is born with a sense of creativity and imagination. But as they grow up, most of the kids lose their spontaneity and start looking at things in the usual way. The nursery schools in Dubai ensure that every pupil becomes creative, is happier, good at solving problems, and ends up becoming a successful human being.

Here are few activities that foster and inspire the power of creativity in children. The teachers put in  a little bit of effort and time:

TELL STORIES – Since time immemorial, stories have been the ultimate fuel to inculcate creativity. You don’t need fancy books and comics, all you need is some time. This will not only boost the child’s imagination but you will also end up spending some quality time with them. Teachers always make sure to present the story in an interesting way which will help them gain the attention of the kid for a longer period of time.

REVEAL THE SUPERHERO – Children love to do everything in a playful manner and by playing the role of lead character always. The teachers in the school make each child play a new character every day. They talk to the child and understand what set of superpowers would they like to have. During the arts and crafts session, the children develop their own costume, name and logo. The options are endless and as a result, they get to be their own superhero.

ENCOURAGE THEM TO ASK QUESTIONS – Kids have an inquisitive mind. They want to know the why’s and how’s of everything. The teachers of best nursery schools in Dubai boost their creativity by answering all the questions that pop up in the kids’ minds. The answers get their brain cells working and encourage them to think. They also seek answers on how to improve things which help can them develop problem-solving skills and also give them confidence.

MAKE THEM LEARN A SECOND LANGUAGE – Learning a new language opens a new world and a new set of opportunities for kids. The teachers start exposing kids to common words like “hi, hello, bye, school” in another language once they start speaking properly. It not only helps them build their vocabulary but also prepare them for enrollment in higher schools. And also, they start integrating the second language in their vocab.

It is the responsibility of both parents and teachers to provide their kids an environment which makes them independent, creative, socially aware, kind and accepting human beings. The best nursery in Dubai always makes sure to instill critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity among children.

Children & Music – How Music Is Beneficial For Child Development

February 8th, 2018 by

Singing and music form the important part of every culture. Music is present in many aspects of our lives: celebrations, government parties, holidays, military ceremonies, movies, television, theatre, and worship to name a few. In schools, music is a natural part of daily activities. From nursery classes, teachers instinctively use music to make teaching and learning interesting for kids. With the help of music the teachers of best nursery schools in Dubai express their love, joy, engage and interact with the children. Ever wondered, how music can impact child development, improve social skills, and benefit kids of all ages.

Best Nursery Schools in Dubai


Musical experiences accelerate the brain development, particularly in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills. When children learn through music, there are increased chances that they can improve mathematical learning. But academic achievement is not the only benefit of music and education.

Instead, music helps in improving all areas of child development and skills required for higher school studies. It also develops emotional, intellectual, language, motor skills and overall literacy. The nursery schools in Dubai expose children in all the day to day activities which further help them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Dancing to music helps children build motor skills while allowing them to practice self-expression. For both children and adults, music helps in strengthening memory skills.


Children of all ages express themselves through music. Below are enlisted the activities and games nursery school teachers play with pupils to experience the pleasure and learning that music brings.

TODDLERS AND MUSIC – Toddlers love to dance or tap their feet and shake their body to the tunes of music. The key to toddler music is the repetition of songs which encourages the use of words and memorization. Silly or boring songs make them laugh or dull. The professional teachers make sure to sing the familiar song or rhyme each day so as to develop their learning power as well as motor skills. The teachers allow the kids to reproduce rhythms by clapping or tapping objects.

PRESCHOOLERS AND MUSIC – Preschoolers along with dancing enjoy singing too. They are never self-conscious about their abilities and are most eager to make their voices audible. So when it is their singing class they roar their voices thus making the teachers laugh aloud. They like songs that repeat words and melodies, use rhythms with a definite beat, and ask them to do things. Preschool children enjoy rhymes and songs which relates to toys, animals, play activities, and people.

There are available ample of fun activities which can bring children and music together. Music can not only give the soothing feeling but also enhances child development. The teachers of best Nursery Schools in Dubai believe listening to music helps the children gain knowledge, develop social and motor skills. Music can enliven and enrich the lives of children and the people who care for them.

Ways You Can Make Winter Learning Fun For Your Kids

February 5th, 2018 by

Students who don’t participate in any winter enrichment or educational activities lose some of the basic knowledge and skills gained during the school days. You can help your kids retain reading, writing and math skills this winter without making it feel like work by making their learning fun. Being the leading best British EYFS nursery, Rainbow Valley Nursery hosts Winter Wonderland Camps for kids to incorporate learning into daily errands and interactive activities found in your own backyard. Students who don’t participate in any winter enrichment or educational activities lose some of the basic knowledge and skills gained during the school days. You can help your kids retain reading, writing and math skills this winter without making it feel like work by making their learning fun. Being the leading best British EYFS nursery, Rainbow Valley Nursery hosts Winter Wonderland Camps for kids to incorporate learning into daily errands and interactive activities found in your own backyard.

Best British EYFS Nursery

Below are enlisted the ways by which you can make winter learning fun for your kids:•

EXPLORE FARMERS MARKET – Go with your child to farmers market next time to make them learn about fruits and vegetables. Ask them to identify the fruits and veggies that their teachers would have taught them in class. Practice math skills by asking your child to count the number of fruits and veggies you have in a basket.

• GROW A GARDEN – Kids can learn more about their environment by cultivating their own fruits and vegetables. In the backyard of your own home, grow plants and vegetables. Make your child learn about the flowers and plants. These activities will prove beneficial when they will start going to higher schools.

• READ TOGETHER – Winter is the perfect time to help your child find books and magazines that match her interests. While it snows outside, sit inside the cozy room and blanket and read together. You can also let your child be part of any informal book club with his few friends where they can inculcate reading habits.

• ALWAYS BE REAL NOT ARTIFICIAL – Parents and teachers are the powerful role models of children. Make sure that your child develops respectful, gentle and honest attitude. Try to instill in your child the lessons that will help them develop good behavior in future.

• REWARD THEM ON THE BASIS OF GOOD DEEDS – Kids always look forward to certain motivation sessions. Pamper your dearest babies with rewards from time to time on the basis of good deeds. This is really a big motivation booster for them.

• MOTIVATE THEM WITH FUN-FILLED ACTIVITIES – Always teach kids in a creative way otherwise, things become all the more boring and monotonous for them. When students find fun during teaching sessions, then they will surely love attending them and end up learning more.

Looking for more educational winter fun? Rainbow Valley Nursery – the best British EYFS nursery – will host Winter Wonderland Camp from 8:30 am to 3 pm for two weeks. Week 1 dates are December 24-28, 2017 and week 2 dates are December 31, 2017, until January 4, 2018. The registration amount per student is AED 500 per week. You can also look for classes about science, nature, digital media, art and much more which are hosted by our nursery to keep the kids engaged during their winter vacation.

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