Since the first sunny day we entered into the great universe that is Rainbow Valley Nursery.

All the staff; the manger, teachers, teachers assistant have continued to amaze us with their patience, hardworking and excellence. Ms.Shelley is a fantastic and passionate teacher; she has enriched the life of my son and made an impact. All positive. All impressive. All heart, all the time.

The place you have created Mrs. Georgie is far more than a preschool. It is an epicenter of genuine joy, of important life lesson, experience and love.

We can only hope that our child looks forward to going to his future schools as much as he looked forward to RVN every day. We hope that his teachers are as gifted, and that his parents feel as comfortable and confident about sending him off every morning.

Thank you Rainbow Valley Nursery for being the best nursery ever.

Oula Bakeer

My son loved going there, we had a great experience with this lovely nursery. The Manager and the staff are just amazing and so understanding.

Samia Bitar-Saarloos

My son has officially left RVN after two years and all we can say is that they are excellent. The teachers, teaching assistants, reception and the manager are all professional, passionate and they love all the children. That’s why my son loves this nursery so much like it was part of our extended home and he is definitely missing everyone. The nursery has sent me a message recently asking how my son is doing at big school - this gesture was just exceptional. Thank you Rainbow Valley Nursery!

Babylyn Buchan

Best nursery ever, management is great, teachers and all staff are very nice with parents and children. The place is always clean and tidy, as well they take care about children cleanliness. I high recommend this nursery for every working mother, you will rest assured and be happy to see your baby growing in a healthy environment.

Nagham Ballan

Highly recommended nursery with amazing managment who listens to every single comment and do their best to make you happy and satisfied very helpful teachers and good listeners.

Shaimaa Aman Allah

Maria del Mar loves going to RVN to play & learn with her mates – best proof of it is that she runs into the nursery every morning! And that allows us parents to confidently go to work knowing that we leave her in the best hands…


The staff are very nice and lovely, they are really doing great with our kids. The proof: my daughter loves to go to the nursery and likes the staff.

They are very helpful and understanding and they are always here for any help.

Perihane , farida’s mother Moonwalker Class

Our son Christopher has been with Rainbow Valley Nursery since he was 5 months old. All staff are very loving and they stick to the routine that each child is used to which is great especially during the first year. As working parents, it is such a huge relief that we don’t have to worry about our son because we know that he’s looked after very well. He loves going to nursery and we have noticed that he has learned a lot and is exposed to interesting and creative activities which we would never be able to organize for him at home. We would happily recommend Rainbow Valley Nursery to other parents!

Conny Mielenz

Finding Rainbow Valley Nursery for my daughter is the most amazing thing that happened to us. With just barely a year in Dubai and without any background in schooling and in the English language; Paola can now engage in a full conversation with everyone in full confidence. I really salute RVN for a job well done.

Paola’as Mum

Rainbow Valley Nursery! The first stepping milestone in education for my daughter Diya. The school played a major role in Diya’s development mentally. She has become an extrovert and expressive to a great extent. Sharing, caring, manners and last but not least being independent and the things which build character and the school staff have played their magic. A big thank you to the school family for shaping a bright child every time.

Diya’s mum

RVN as the names says….Rainbow…..the school is really colourful and pleasant, warm greetings, kind smiles, gentle touch to caring hands. Everything to keep my little girl safe and feel at home.

Tishara’s mum

I have two toddlers aged 1 and 3 years, enrolled at rainbow valley since the last 6 months and have seen a significant enhancement in their confidence and social skills. The staff is loving and the teachers reach out at individual level to assist the kids in their learning. The education (age appropriately) covers all subjects and I am very impressed. The nursery is highly recommended!

Amna Humayun

Our daughter has been at Rainbow Valley since she was 12 weeks old and we are very happy with the nursery. Throughout the year she has been involved in numerous activities and has gained in confidence from being able to interact with the children in the older classes. We have found that she has really bonded with the superb staff that care for her and has made some little friends along the way too!’

Emma and Jon Pennock

After 18 months as a RVN student, I feel my daughter has benefited immensely from the care, education, and social interactions offered by Rainbow Valley Nursery. The staff are amazing, and know every student very well. My daughter looks forward to attending nursery everyday, to see her amazing carers, and her little friends. I have recommended this nursery to many friends, and will continue to do so.

Damien Griffiths

We couldn’t be more confident in the care, attention and love our daughter receives at rainbow valley. The staff are friendly, kind, supportive and approachable. Our daughter is happy to go to nursery and enjoys sharing news about her day. We cannot thank the staff enough, they’re simply wonderful”

Carolyn Gorham

I could not have been happier with Rainbow Valley Nursery. My twins have loved their time there. All the staff are friendly and exceptionally helpful and they have an open-door policy for discussion at any time. I am amazed at the progress my children have made in the Star Gazers class I feel they are more than ready to go to school after the excellent start they have had at RVN. The teaching staff are excellent and my children adore them. I will be very sad when our twins leave RVN this year to go to school.

Jan McLeod

“Rainbow Valley Nursery is offering my 2 kids an interactive and stimulating environment for development I am amazed and sometimes surprised by the progress of my kids on social, language, thinking aspects I would recommend this nursery for anyone who is looking for much beyond day care”

John Mikhail

RVN has been one of the best decisions that we have made for our child. My child has really blossomed under your care and I am thankful to all of you specially the cloudriders team for caring for my child the way you all did.

Priyanka Dash

Every nursery has Pros and Cons and for me the Pros were more and could really let me forget all other small cons; at least my daughter started to help herself and develop the right way she should. We consider your team as second family for our kids and there where we trusted you to leave the kids at their second home.

To be honest with you I do have some observations and not complaints till now as I could see these things were common everywhere and that’s why I mentioned that there is no place like home for kids, specially for what’s related to health and safety of the kids, for example after toilet hand wash for both nannies and kids; I think we should focus on this as much as we can to maintain the healthy environment and clean hands handle the kids.

But anyway, you are doing great job and we wish you the best and hopefully one day your nursery will reach the perfection where no cons will be there.

Hopefully that I did what you waited us to do with my understanding and if not please do not hesitate to tell us.

Lelyan’s Parents Abood and Abeer

Going to nursery is such a big step both for the child and the parent. Here is Dubai, there are so many to choose from which makes it more challenging. When I first stepped into Rainbow Valley Nursery, the warmth of the staff and the environment shone through. The staff here make this nursery stand out from all the others. You just know that your child will be well cared for and nurtured to be the best. My son is going to FS1 in September 2014 and already he sings the alphabet, counts and recognizes numbers and knows his colours. Everyday when I ask him what he did at school, he always tells me about the stories they are reading and the songs they are singing. I know that nearly 2 years ago, I made an excellent decision choosing ‘Rainbow Valley Nursery’. Thank you to Patrice and all the staff for being there at such an important part of my son’s life and in mine.

Angela Flynn

Rainbow Valley was my daughter’s first experience of a nursery and it couldn’t have went any better. She settled really quickly and I think this was down to how much she liked the teachers/assistants. I’ve also received a lot of support with her potty training. Thank you for making life easier for a working mum

Lesley Miller

Rainbow valley nursery is such a wonderful and happy place. All the staff are friendly and welcoming and put you at total ease that your precious child will be in safe hands and have so much fun whilst learning along the way! Being away from family and friends in our home countries, it’s very reassuring when you walk in and meet such lovely people doing an amazing job!

Victoria Bierbamer

As a parent of a rainbow valley nursery student, I have noticed the amazing progress in mental and physical capabilities of my girl since the 1st day she joined the nursery. The team is very helpful and professional, and is always keen on giving feedbacks on the student’s progress which helps you monitor and improve your kids status. Keep it up

Lubna El Bannan Mother of Cyrine Hazem – 3 years 6 months

“He cried a lot when I dropped him off the first time. For days. But with the professional help, love, care and focus he receives at RVN, and in no time, Ali now cries as he leaves and giggles with excitement when he sees the building in the morning.

We are forever grateful for your patience. Truly, we feel RVN is a family we are a part of, and that it is our baby’s second home. Thank you.”

Hope this is what you had in mind! let me know please if its fine..

Nagham Ali’s Mum

My daughter Sophie absolutely loves Rainbow Valley and I am so pleased we have chosen to send her there. She is always surprising me at home with new things she has learnt and it’s lovely when I drop her off in the morning and she wants to hug her teacher or the wonderful teaching assistants. Its a lovely environment and a great stepping stone for her before she starts school in a few years time.

Clare Warner

Dear Patrice,

First, I would like to thank you and thank all Rainbow Valley staff for your great effort with my son. Our comments will be as below:

Since our son has been at Rainbow Valley, he has grown up and matured so much. His confidence and progression has come on greatly. we have really seen him comes out of his shell outside of his home comforts. At home we have seen him develop his knowledge of colours, numbers, letters and shapes, it is a great setting and I am so pleased with his progress.

The staff are brilliant, very friendly; like an extended family. As parents we are extremely pleased with our son’s behavior and development at Rainbow Valley.’

Rashid’s Parents

RVN has been a large contributor to my two son’s development. As a parent of a special needs child I cannot express how much their extra attention and communication has been instrumental in everyday life. They treat my children with the care and attention that a parent would expect from a family member. The relationships they have made with all the teachers, staff and other children have made a great impact on them and our family!

Suzanne C Poole

Last year we moved to Dubai and the real challenge we had was to find a good nursery as Veer was getting introduced to a new culture and had no nursery or pre school experience before. To our pleasant surprise we have seen amazing results in a span of just 5 months. Not only he has started interacting a lot more, he has also started participating in various activities. Almost everyday we get to hear different stuff from him from poems to stories to things that he is enjoying in school. It just makes our day !!! Thank you teachers for making this a memorable experience for all of us.

Payal Chopra