Emma Graffagnino

My name is Emma Graffagnino and I am from the UK. My mum is British and my dad is Sicilian. I have lived and worked in Dubai for 12 years, and I love to call it my home. I have met some amazing people from all over the world during my time in Dubai, some of which will be friends for life.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking and entertaining with friends. I guess being from a Sicilian heritage, it’s an important part of my life to ensure my friends and family are looked after – and food is a big part of Sicilian culture! Food is love!

I have recently started working at Rainbow Valley Nursery and already I feel like part of the Rainbow Valley family. It’s such a pleasure seeing the little children’s faces every morning, and hearing them shout ‘Morning Miss Emma!’

Jade Bexter

My name is Jade Bexter and I am from the UK. I am having my first little boy end of March and my husband and I are very excited! I have been working in Dubai for four years, and working at Rainbow Valley Nursery for three of those. I have 11 years of experience working in nurseries, primary schools and dance schools. I enjoy working with young children and watching them grow.

The best thing about working at Rainbow Valley is the amazing team, we all help and care for each other!

Nevena Rackovic

My name is Nevena Rackovic and I come from Serbia, I have a 2 and a half year old daughter, I love living in Dubai because of the sunshine and its beaches. I have been working at Rainbow Valley Nursery for the last 4 years and I have truly enjoyed it as we have an amazing team that respects and helps each other. Being an expat sometimes can be lonely but having a nice team at work helps as It feels like having family around.

I have studied to be a Pharmaceutical technician. The skills that I have learnt whilst studying this course have been put to use whilst working with children.

I am also an undergraduate physiotherapist. I have practiced in different children’s clinics and this have proven to be an essential part of my curriculum, which gives me unique experience when it comes to working with children.

I can play the flute and I am a very creative person and I enjoy teaching children. I did gymnastics for 4 years and this has helped me to develop my organizational skills as well as my team spirit.

Whilst volunteering for Red Crescent, I was able to develop my organization skills and efficiency further. In Red Crescent, I assisted in organizing and carrying out various events. Whilst working in a multicultural team, I have learnt to be tolerant and flexible and respect the views and cultures of others.