Yearly Archives: 2015


Maria del Mar loves going to RVN to play & learn with her mates – best proof of it is that she runs into the nursery every morning! And that allows us parents to confidently go to work knowing that we leave her in the best hands…

Conny Mielenz

Our son Christopher has been with Rainbow Valley Nursery since he was 5 months old. All staff are very loving and they stick to the routine that each child is used to which is great especially during the first year. As working parents, it is such a huge relief that we don’t have to worry about our son because we know that he’s looked after very well. He loves going to nursery and we have noticed that he has learned a lot and is exposed to interesting and creative activities which we would never be able to organize for him at home. We would happily recommend Rainbow Valley Nursery to other parents!

Paola’as Mum

Finding Rainbow Valley Nursery for my daughter is the most amazing thing that happened to us. With just barely a year in Dubai and without any background in schooling and in the English language; Paola can now engage in a full conversation with everyone in full confidence. I really salute RVN for a job well done.

Diya’s mum

Rainbow Valley Nursery! The first stepping milestone in education for my daughter Diya. The school played a major role in Diya’s development mentally. She has become an extrovert and expressive to a great extent. Sharing, caring, manners and last but not least being independent and the things which build character and the school staff have played their magic. A big thank you to the school family for shaping a bright child every time.