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Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend A Summer Camp

If you ever have been part of summer camp yourself, you probably would know that a good summer camp can benefit your child in many ways. They are more than just a fun place for kids to be when the school term has ended. They actually have some great long term meaningful benefits.

Reasons Why Your Child Should Attend A Summer Camp

For generations, children have spent their summers at home or at day and sleepaway camps, trying new activities such as swimming, hiking, and various sports. But still, there are many families who might not ever realize that camp provides children with different opportunities to develop important life skills that are difficult to achieve in any other environment. Below are enlisted the benefits of attending a summer camp:

CAMPERS LEARN LIFE SKILLS REQUIRED TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL ADULTS – At camps, children gain valuable life skills. There exists a large gap between what the kids are being taught in the school and what skills they require to be successful in the present outside world. Some of the skills necessary to become successful adults are communication, collaboration, creativity, leadership, socialization, and problem-solving. All of these areas are fostered in the camp environment.

CAMPS EDUCATE THE CHILD COMPLETELY – There is more to learning than test taking and achieving good grades and standing out First in the class. The camp offers one of the most powerful learning environments and is a place where a child’s social education takes place. It provides children with the opportunity to try new activities. Children also build social skills and problem-solving skills by being part of a supportive community and partaking in activities together.

CHILDREN CAN RE INVENT  THEMSELVES AT THE CAMP – Students often attend school year after year with the same peers, which can lead to labeling and being “stuck” with a particular perception, thus making the life all the more monotonous. When your child can both be boisterous or active in another setting, they end up becoming studious, quiet, etc. Children who go to day or sleepaway camps meet a whole other group of people in a different environment.

Through a mix of fun and educational activities, Rainbow Valley Nursery in Dubai has been running their Summer from June 27, 2017, and will continue until September 07, 2017. The camp will let kids experience new adventures, learn and master new skills, and share and trade interests with friends.

The Rainbow Valley summer camp activities include:

Around the world, Rain forest, Recycling, zoo animals, Fairytales/dreamland superheroes/ princesses, space adventure

Camp dates are as follows:

August 06 to 10,

August 13 to 17,

August 20 to 24

August 27 to 31, (TBC due to Eid).

The Price per week is

AED 650 for 8am – 1pm,

AED 700 for 8am – 3pm,

AED 750 for 8am – 5pm

AED 800 for 9am – 6pm.

Extras – 7 am – 8 am at 50 AED per day. Fees have to be paid at the beginning of each week to secure placement and the fees are non – refundable or exchangeable. Daily rates also available.

Through summer camp, our Nursery aims to bridge the gap and achieve more, providing a safe place to learn, stay healthy and build friendships.

Principles For Early Years Education in Nursery Schools of Dubai

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) regulates the standards for the development, learning, and care of children from birth to 5 years old. The EYFS framework supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. It gives all teaching professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all the pupils enrolled in their schools.

Principles For Early Years Education in Nursery Schools of Dubai

The EYFS has four themes (enlisted below) that underpin all the guiding principles that are being followed by almost all the best nursery schools in Dubai, to give the parents the confidence that every day their child is under the due care and affection and they are learning new skills to set them up for life.

  • A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationship
  • Enabling Environment
  • Learning and Development

Under the four main themes, the EYFS have identified five areas of learning and development which are used by the nursery teaching staff when planning and providing opportunities for each and every child of their school. These are essential skills and knowledge which enable the children to participate successfully in society, giving them an education that sets them up for life past nursery.

  1. PERSONAL SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT – The nursery school teachers always support children’s emotional well-being so that they can know themselves better and what steps they can abide by to build up their self-confidence, thus enabling them to manage their own feelings and behavior.
  2. PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – The best nursery schools in Dubai helps children in making their first moves to the tunes of songs, handling of books, colors & other things, thus making them ready for the big school and the outer world. Furthermore, the pupils are also taught about the importance of physical activities in their life and their ability to make healthy choices in relation to food.
  3. COMMUNICATION & LANGUAGE – The children are offered a wide range of opportunities to develop their communication skills. They are encouraged to use their skills in a range of situations and for a variety of purposes for language development. Teachers also boost confidence of their children by making them use their listening, understanding and speaking skills in various school activities.
  4. LITERACY AND MATHEMATICS – The children are always taught to enjoy reading and writing and to develop their skills in mathematics and literacy. The children are also made to explore, learn, practice and enjoy their developing understanding of numbers, shapes, and measures.
  5. UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD – Children are made aware of the world through various activities, such as asking them to participate in practical experiments, helping them learn more about plants & animals, and asking parents to help their children plant vegetables in their own gardens. Thereafter, children are asked to express and communicate ideas and to respond to their experiences.

Child development is not an automatic process. It all depends on the child, as all of them are unique and they are also given different opportunities to interact in positive relationships and learning environment. The staff of best nursery schools in Dubai, which follow EYFS curriculum, work in line with the guiding principles of the EYFS to help parents in better development of their children.

Eating Tips That Helps the Children Stay Healthy And Wise

A healthy lifestyle is not an easy task that can be taught to children. Hence, it is a very important role to be played by parents and teachers to help them adopt healthy eating habits at a young age in order to have a strong mental and physical build up. Young children in top preschool in JLT, Dubai, like Rainbow Valley Nursery, are always taught about healthy eating habits, and asked to bring healthy lunch so as to remain healthy in the long run.

Eating Tips That Helps the Children Stay Healthy And Wise

The important thing to remember is that a well-balanced lifestyle is essential for our children considering they are constantly subject to an increased amount of physical activities: Children with high levels of physical activity need more snacks to keep their energy levels high.

THE IMPORTANCE OF BREAKFAST – The most important meal of the day is the breakfast. One of its benefits is that it boosts up the energy level so as to start the day in great shape with sharper focus, fulfilling the school tasks. It also increases the metabolism that helps them to stay healthy and wise for the day and days to come. A great tip is that always try to have breakfast with your children in order to increase and strengthen the parent-child bond.

SUGGESTIONS FOR SCHOOL LUNCHES – When children start attending school, it is more likely that they will buy food from the cafeteria if they are not carrying. When they buy food from cafeteria they build up bad eating habits. Instead of solely relying on the lunches being provided by the school, you should make a habit pack your child’s lunch daily. Some ideas for school lunch boxes include:

  • Cheese slices or crackers along with dried or fresh fruits
  • Sandwiches made with lean meat, salad, hummus or cheese
  • Washed fresh fruits

Along with lunches, pack some snacks for them to stay energetic, which they can have in the leisure time or en route when coming back from school. Some suggestions for healthy yet tasty snacks are:

  • Unsweetened orange juice
  • Cereals with fruit
  • Soy milk
  • Toast and a bowl of soup
  • Jam sandwiches
  • Healthy cereals

TIPS FOR YOUR KID MAINTAIN A HEALTHY EATING HABIT – It’s not at all easy to guide children about healthy eating habits to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The reason is that they spend spend their school hours in the company of other students who might have bad eating habits. This is why you should focus more on convincing your young ones that staying healthy is very important in order for them to resist unhealthy temptations.

Below are given some basic guidelines that can help you ensure that your child is getting all the nutrition required:

  • Don’t force your child to finish everything on the plate; children do understand when they are full! If they are forced to eat everything, they will stop listening to their bodies. This will lead to overeating and possibly obesity issues.
  • Sodas and other sweetened drinks should be avoided as much as possible. They increase calories with no added nutrition value. Instead, make your own healthy and delicious beverages or cocktails with some fruits, milk and healthy cereals that are tasty, yet healthy and energetic.

Children are most susceptible to the adverse consequences of bad eating habits. An unbalanced diet can lead to delayed physical, cognitive and emotional development. So, the top preschool in JLT always ensure that they make the children develop healthy eating habits so that they retain a healthy lifestyle and do not gain excessive weight, obesity, insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome.

The Importance of Creating a Balanced Curriculum for Children

With each passing day the habit with which children learn is undergoing several changes. Gone are the days when children used to just read out loud in front of their teachers and parents and they were all set for the exam or got Grade “A” from their teachers for good recitation skills. Today kids have to develop a well rounded personality to make all their dreams a reality.

The Importance of Creating a Balanced Curriculum for Children

This is the reason why most of the best nursery schools in Dubai have made an interesting curriculum so that kids can study and enjoy at the same time. This type of curriculum not only helps in the overall development of the kids but also it influences all the aspects of children and their lives thus helping them to have a bright future.

Below mentioned points highlights the importance of creating a balanced curriculum for children:

INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT – For the intellectual development of the child, and to stimulate the functioning of the brain, the memory boosting games such as jigsaw puzzles, number games and a lot more are practiced on regular basis in the schools of Dubai, thus intellectually developing the child enrolled in their school.

CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT – Activities such as painting, decorating, music, drama and more influence the creativity of kids. One has to think creatively for playing with clay, coloring and drawing things. Children tend to take inspiration from their teachers and participate in such activities, which help in their creative development.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE – This subject prepare the children to face the outer world with enthusiasm, spirit and gaiety. This aspect lets them know the world around them and be updated about other famous people who made world records and the society in general. Children need to come out of their cocoon that includes their own family and reach out to other people living in the society as well.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – So as to make your child active and fit, physical development plays the most important role. Thereby schools abide by the routine that includes exercises, outdoor games and much more to not only make your kids physically active but mentally strong as well. Moreover, there exists hardly any game out there which does not require mental stimulation.

PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS – Since the beginning the children should be taught how to overcome and find solutions to problems. Problems are a part and parcel of human life and hence children need to develop the skill of solving problems rather than cribbing about things happening in their life or always seeking help from their family, friends or relatives.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS – The most important thing that should form part of kid’s curriculum is Communication Skills. Parents and teachers should always encourage kids to participate in dramas, sing their bed time rhymes and participate in extra curricular activities. You need to talk to them at every given opportunity so that they grow up to become excellent communicators.

All in all, the aforesaid areas form the part of the curriculum planned for children by the best nursery schools in Dubai so that children are provided with the best possible start in their educational journey.